About NMMS

New Mexico Mycological Society

The New Mexico Mycological Society (NMMS), a non-profit organization, came together in 1984 when a small group of fungophiles met to share information about mushroom species which could be found in this area. Since then, besides the regular monthly meetings, we have held annual forays, built the herbarium of dried specimens at the University of New Mexico, exhibited at the New Mexico State Fair, and compiled lists of mushrooms found in New Mexico.

The purpose of NMMS is to advance the understanding and stimulate the interest of its members in the field of mycology by providing opportunities for study, holding conferences, facilitating cooperative research, arranging forays, exchanging information among members, and interchanging specimens and information with other interested parties and organizations.


  • The annual fee for NMMS Regular membership is $20.
  • A Household (aka Family) membership is also $20/year and covers one's spouse or partner and any children under the age of 18.
  • NMMS also offers a Student Membership ($15/year) for full-time New Mexico students.
  • NMMS offers a discounted fee of $15/year for current NAMA members.
  • See Application Form for more information.

    NMMS is affiliated with the North American Mycological Association. Those joining NMMS may obtain membership in NAMA at an annual rate discounted from $30 to $25. NAMA members may attend NAMA-sponsored events such as regional and national forays, have online access to a members' directory, and will receive via email a bimonthly newsletter, The Mycophile, and NAMA's annual journal, McIlvainea.

    Although mushroom poisonings are fairly uncommon, they do occur, and in the last few years, reports of poisonings, some fatal, have increased notably. NMMS stresses that no wild mushrooms should be eaten without positive identification. If there is any doubt, look at it, photograph it if you like, but don't eat it! Furthermore, NMMS does not condone the use of psychoactive mushrooms or any fungus designated as a controlled substance. Besides the legal problems posed by possession, psychoactive fungi may contain substances which can be harmful or even fatal if ingested in sufficient amounts.


  • NMMS Bylaws