Arroyo Morelly Thing

John W. Sparks sent this around recently, asking for ID confirmation. Yes, folks, that is, in fact, a somewhat dessicated but otherwise perfecty identifiable Yellow Morel in the middle of that hot, sandy arroyo, which goes a long way toward illustrating David Arora's saying that "Morels are where you find them".

Nicely done, Tara! Thank you.


Subject: Arroyo morelly thing.
Date: April 18, 2014

Thanks for the FB response John. Here is what I sent to the NM Mycological Society FB page. If you could help me find someone familiar with morels, I would be most appreciative. 

Hello, I have been a life-long avid mushroom hunter here in NM. I have caught a few morels in my time (and a few stink horns  and a few false morels), but really, I am not all that familiar with morels. I was very surprised to find this rather large mushroom on my walk this morning. I've never seen such a thing in the middle of a hot sandy arroyo. I didn't have the heart to harvest it for closer inspection. I may go back later. Is anyone in your group familiar with arroyo mushrooms? Have I found something unusual here? It's certainly new to me. This was found near Lone Butte area, Hwy 14, Santa Fe.

The photos with scale are not so great. I would say that the cap was 3.5" - 3.75" at its widest.

Thank you for passing this along to the experts,

Tara Gibbens