Black holes

Like trying to photograph a black cat in a coal bin at night...

Yeah, anyway, I guess the New Year's Day sundogs did indeed foretell of something truly different this year. In February some strange wind blew me into a M-F/8-5 job working tech support at the Roundhouse (the State Capitol, in Santa Fe) so, for the first time in about 15 years, I'm not in Massachusetts for morel season. I'll have to make do with these runty little black things I found yesterday instead of my usual baskets of big Eastern yellows (tongue planted firmly in cheek). There's still a chance of finding some yellows here, though, in a week or two, so I haven't given up hope entirely. Fingers crossed.

The real problem I'm facing is not being able to run up the mountain on a moment's notice, whenever I think it's right. Given the condition of some of these specimens, I should have been up there three or four days ago. Oh, well, so it goes. Life is rough, huh. 

Of course I'm doing an informal myco-survey of the landscaping around the Capitol, so watch for a "Fungi Of The Roundhouse" gallery as things develop.