Sandia Mountains, 8 May 2010

Saturday morning, 8 May dawned cool and breezy.  Jim and Mary Young joined me for a spring mushroom hike.  Although Linda Zobrist and Rich Therrien had a conflicting appointment, they joined us for a cup of coffee before Jim, Mary, their dogs Dusty and Mia, and I shoved off from Doc Long picnic area.  We hiked for a couple of miles up trails on the east side of the Sandias, and happened upon numerous spring mushrooms.  Dusty, the older pup, hung with us, and he seemed glad upon our return to the vehicles.

One reason I enjoy mushroom hunts is that they are like a treasure hunt.  Although sometimes the hunting is better than the finding, on this day we found some treasure.  It was a great morning and we had a fine time; perhaps the high winds in Albuquerque on Friday night and Saturday morning prevented more NMMS members from joining us. 

Respectfully submitted,  Mark Kalin